Birthday limousine service

kids-birthday-section-2 Kids Birthday Celebrations

Kids live in anticipation of Christmas and birthday, the only two holidays that promise a great number of presents and a variety of fun celebrations.  Every year, anticipation builds up and expectations rise as kids want to have the best birthday party ever.  Some ask for the same as their friends, but others want something new and original.  Here is an idea: rent a limousine for your child’s birthday party and send them on their fun way.  We can guarantee that the next day, everybody will be talking about your child’s birthday party! For more fun ideas click here. Tip: it is cheaper during the week.

sweet-15-C Sweet 15th  Birthday Celebrations

A Quinceañera is the Hispanic tradition of celebrating a young girl’s coming of age – her 15th birthday; although some families choose to merge their Hispanic and American heritages by celebrating Sweet 16.  The customs highlight God, family, friends, music, food, and dance.  The celebration begins with a special Mass at the church, followed by limousine arrivals, photo taking, reception and an official presentation of the quince girl to fiesta attendees and cake cutting. We offer spacious limousines and limo buses that will comfortably accommodate the Quinceañera and her chosen Court of Honor.

21-birthday 21st Birthday Celebrations

There is nothing like a luxury limousine service to mark the beginning of the “DRINKING AGE”.  You know you want a memorable night! You would want all your friends to enjoy themselves, so arrange for the limousine service to take you places.  Here is what we suggest: let us pick you up around 9 pm and take you and your friends for a late dinner at a nice restaurant, then we will take you to a night club of your choice.  Once the clock strikes 12:00 midnight, you can proudly show your DL to the barman and order your FIRST official drink.  Enjoy the celebration, and we will deliver you and your friends home safely. Tips: stick to light drinks like beer and wine coolers, you want to enjoy the night and have fun (not to throw up and pass out)!  Ask your friends to pitch in for a limo rental in lue of the birthday presents

photo-1 Adult birthday celebrations

Birthdays remind us that another year has passed; some of us look forward to the birthday while others try to ignore the day.  No matter how old we get, the inner child wants to celebrate and have fun.    Coming up with something original and unexpected is a challenge. What we have found is that the best way to celebrate your birthday is in the company of your best friends: talking, eating, dancing and laughing.  So get a group of friends together and let us take you to your favorite spots to celebrate your birthday.  For suggestions and ideas where to go and what to do click here. Tips: Bring your own beer and small bottles of wine, stay away from hard liqueur and drinks that require mixing.

photo-3 Milestone birthday celebrations

You might not realize that your parents or grandparents have never ridden in a limousine, although they probably rented one for your Senior Prom.  Surprise them with a limousine ride!  To make it more memorable send them on a scavenger hunt or memory ride with stops at: school they used to attend, their first job, first house they bought, church they used to attend, etc.  Tip: take lots of photos and make a photo book for them to remember the day. Arrange for family members or friends to be picked up at different memorable stops.