Prom limousine service

prom-1Prom night is one of the most meaningful high school memories! This most awaited night’s preparation starts weeks in advance with anticipation of who to go with, what to wear, and how to get to the prom.  Every moment needs to count towards making the night special, memorable and most importantly safe. Though you may worry about your child staying out late and driving on prom night, hiring a chauffeured car for this important social event of the year can transform the evening into an extraordinarily memorable and enchanting time for a teenager and peace of mind for parents.


We take the safety of our passengers very seriously. We have implemented several safety procedures to assure parents of the safety of their kids:

  1. No underage drinking will be allowed! If alcohol found, it will be confiscated and parents notified.
  2. No smoking of any legal or illegal substance, this also includes e-cigarettes and vapor cigarettes.
  3. Privacy partition stays down so the chauffeur can be aware of what is going on in the back of the limousine.
  4. No unauthorized stops. Prom night is one of those times when you must rely on your kids to go straight to the dance and come right back home, because that’s exactly what AFA Limo will promise you when you make a reservation with us. If passengers request additional stops, chauffeur will get in touch with an adult who booked the service to obtain authorization.
  5. Service will not be extended unless authorized by the adults who made the reservation.

You can count on our professional limousine service to make sure your kids stay safe while they’re having a great time!


AFA Limo offers a variety of limousines styles/makes to accommodate any preferences; no matter how small or big your group is we have a vehicle for you! From more intimate 2 passenger VIP service to 20 passenger party bus, AFA Limo offers you the largest selection of the most exotic vehicles in the Carolinas. Please visit our VEHICLES page to see our current fleet.

Here are recommendations on how to make the most of your prom limousine service:

  1. prom5Talk to your friends early. The demand for transportation during the spring season can be overwhelming when so many others are renting limousines for proms and eddings. Find out how many friends are interested in renting a limo, so that you can book your reservations and get the vehicle you want.
  2. Designate one coordinator to handle all the communications and arrangement, this way you can avoid mistakes or confusion.
  3. Collect the money from all your friends upfront and don’t wait till the day of the prom! Every year, we get calls from parents asking to cancel the limo service because some of their child’s friends cannot afford to pay their share and decided to cancel, thus leaving the parents responsible for the whole amount.
  4. Select one central location for everybody to meet, don’t waste your limousine rental time by scheduling many pickups. Chances are somebody will not be ready and you will have to wait.
  5. prom4Advise everybody to be at the pickup location 30 min prior to limousine arrival. Everybody has that one friend who is always late.
  6. Upon the arrival, chauffeur will introduce himself and give you his business card. Make sure everybody has his number, so you can reach him at any given time. There will be many limousines at the prom that look alike, we want to make sure you get picked up by your chauffeur when you are ready. Every year we get calls: “we are ready to be picked up, tell my driver” … ” no I don’t know his name, we are in the black limo”…
  7. Take lots of photos! Limousines make a great backdrop for your group photo! When choosing a location for photos keep in mind that some locations are very busy with vehicular and pedestrian traffic. It might be frustrating trying to meet up with your driver.
  8. Choose a restaurant that does not have a long wait or long serving time. It should not take 2-3 hours to eat a meal.
  9. Don’t order too much, it takes time and drives the cost up. Considering proms and after parties are catered, you will not go hungry. All “to go boxes” will be placed in the trunk and, chances are, will be forgotten about by the end of the night.
  10. prom-2Be respectful and courteous to your driver. It is his job to get you safely to and from the prom. If he asks you to turn the music down and/or stop moving about while the vehicle is in motion, please do so. Speakers are located behind the driver, excessively loud music renders driver deaf to the pertinent traffic sounds. It is not safe to move about while the vehicle is in motion. Please remember that drivers must follow company safety policies and procedures.