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Explore NC breweries with AFA Limousine brewery tours.  Did you know that North Carolina is home to the largest number of craft breweries in the American South, with more than 50 breweries and brewpubs? It is also the most decorated state in the South with more medals from the World Beer Cup® and the Great American Beer Festival than any of its neighboring states!

Experience NC beer by visiting some of the local breweries in a luxury of the chauffeured limousine. AFA provides safe transportation option for you and your friends, so you can taste away Carolina craft beer. You may select from one of the itineraries listed below or choose specific breweries  you wish to visit; for more information about NC breweries please go to or

The length of the limousine rental time will depend on the pickup address and on the breweries you have selected to visit.  In general, we recommend you allocate 45 min per each brewery.  However, the length of the stop might vary depending on the size of the group and the amenities as some breweries offer tours and live music. For large groups, we recommend you contact each brewery to make a reservation as some breweries  might be closed for private events.  Once you make a reservation, we will  map out the itinerary and advise if additional time is needed

$50 per person

6 hr limo rental

(based on 10 pass min)

We offer a variety of vehicles ranging from 10 to 25 passenger capacity. All vehicles come stocked with ice and complementary bottled water.

Get a group of friends to tour local breweries and sample the fair! You might find a new favorite brew!  AFA Limo Tours provides a fun, safe, inexpensive way to visit NC’s breweries, and taste many of their award winning beers.

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Tips on pulling off successful limousine brewery tours:

  • Do your research when selecting breweries.  There are so many options to consider. Some might not offer the kind of brew that you prefer.
  • Book you limousine brewery tour in advance.  This way everybody gets to weigh in on the brewery selection.
  • Call breweries to make beer tasting appointments.  Each brewery operates differently, some offer guided brewery tours, while others offer tasting based on the first come first serve basis.  Most often, private beer tasting cost the same as the public beer tasting.
  • Check for any special events happening at the brewery the same day as your visit.  Select breweries that offer free events and would enhance your tour.
  • Make plans to stop for dinner or select at least one brewery that offers full menu.   Only a few breweries host full service restaurants.  Check with the brewery if they have food trucks outside.   In any case, you will be sampling lots of beer so make sure to eat something with your beer tasting.

We have a wide array of vehicles and transportation plans to fit almost any budget, so give us a call at 888-753-6653 to start designing your limousine brewery tour today.

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