Wine Tours

Limousine Wine Tours

Vines from over 100 NC wineries weave their way thru North Carolina and produce some of the best flavors that you’ll ever have the pleasure of sipping.  Experience NC wine country by touring some of the finest wineries in a luxury of the chauffeured limousine. You may select from one of the trails listed below or choose specific wineries you wish to visit; for more information about NC wineries please go to

When planning your tour, keep in mind that each winery is unique in its own way and no two are alike.  At some wineries, visitors are invited to explore the extensive grounds and enjoy the beautiful views, while at others visitors are limited to a tasting room.  Throughout the year, wineries hold special events such as festivals, concerts, cooking demonstrations, etc.; some events are free to the public and some require a purchase of the ticket. Please note that actual wine tastings are organized and conducted by the vineyard’s employees, and not by AFA. Please refer to each winery’s website for up to date information and wine tasting fees.  We recommend you contact each vineyard to advise of your visit and to schedule a private tasting.

AFA provides a safe transportation option for you and your friends to visit local vineyards and sample wines. We offer a variety of vehicles ranging from 2 to 25 passenger capacity (sedans, SUV, limousines, shuttle and party buses). The length of the limousine rental time will depend on the pickup address and on the wineries you have selected to tour.  In general, we recommend you allocate 45 min to tour each winery.  However, the length of the stop might vary depending on the size of the group and the winery’s amenities.  Once you make a reservation, we will  map out the itinerary and advise if additional time is needed.

$50 per person

6 hr limo rental

(based on 10 pass min)

So sit back, relax and take advantage of the most elegant and safest method to enjoy our outstanding NC wine; knowing that AFA is doing all the driving.

Tips on planning the perfect wine tours:

  • Do your research when selecting wineries.  Some offer extensive grounds with beautiful landscaping while others offer only a small tasting room.
  • Book a limousine or find a designated driver.  If you sample wine at three wineries, you will drink approximately 750 ml of wine.  You also will be driving approximately 4-5 hours to and from the wineries.  It is not worth risking getting in a car accident or possible DUI.
  • Call wineries to make wine tasting appointments.  Each winery operates differently, some offer scheduled wine tasting, while others offer tasting based on the first come first serve basis.  Most often, private wine tasting cost the same as the public wine tasting.
  • Check for any special events happening at the winery the same day as your visit.  Select wineries that offer free events and would enhance your tour.
  • Pack picnic items.  Some wineries do not allow guests to bring food, while others offer and encourage guests to bring food and provide picnic tables.  Only a few wineries host full service restaurants, there are some that sell cheese plates and other snack items.  In any case, you will be sampling lots of wine so make sure to eat something with your wine tasting.