Bachelorette / Bachelor limousine service

When the details matter you can count on AFA!

We have put together a list of Bachelorette/Bachelor party ideas that will excite even the most discerning bride or groom.  Some ideas apply only to a Bachelorette party, while others apply only to a Bachelor party.

Whatever your plans are: dance clubs, bars, pool halls, strip joints — why choose just one? Explore them all in the lap of luxury: a chauffeur-driven limousine. Arrange for the bachelorrette or bachelor party limousine service.  Chauffeur will pick up everyone at a designated location, and you’re free to go where you want and drink as much as you please, feeling like important celebrities. We have a wide array of vehicles and transportation plans to fit almost any budget.

bachelor party limousine service

Winery Tour

If the bride loves wine, then plan a relaxing trip to a winery. Put together a picnic basket with favorite snacks, make custom wine glasses for all the girls in a party. Please visit our Wine Tour page to see the offered itineraries, or you are welcome to choose your own wineries.

Tip: This is a great opportunity to scout wedding venues and select wines for the wedding.

bachelor party limousine service

Fancy Tea Party

Coffee, Tea, or — Tea!: If your friend is a paragon of lady-like behavior (with just a few slip-ups about which she’s sworn you to secrecy), she may appreciate a Victorian-style tea party, complete with lace doilies, finger sandwiches, petit fours, and scones. You can host a tea at a Historic Inn, followed by a garden tour or a leisurely walk.  There are several lovely historic inns that offer afternoon tea, click here for full listing.

We offer a variety of plans to fit all budgets. Rental plans starts at $25 per person for 3 hour luxury limousine rental.  Please give us a call at 888-753-6653 for more details.

bachelor party limousine service

Spa Getaway

Suggest a day spa event and send everyone running for their plush terry robes. You’ll forgo junk food and alcohol, but those clean pores and exfoliated elbows will be worth it. Choose a full-service spa that offers everything from massages and mud wraps to makeovers and manicures. The bride will appreciate the stress-buster, and you all may find great new looks for wedding day.

bachelor party limousine service


We all love to sing whenever we have the chance — in the shower, while driving, while moving the lawn and most especially, when we are with friends. Majority of us cannot sign to save our lives, still we enjoy belting out lyrics to our favorite songs, and, while accompanied by the original performer, we do not sound that bad.  That’s why the karaoke is very popular. So get a group of girls or guys and head to your local karaoke bar; click here for full listing.

We offer a variety of plans to fit all budgets. Please give us a call at 888-753-6653 for more details.

bachelor party limousine service

Private Cooking Lessons

If the bride-to-be loves to eat but needs some practice in the kitchen then this theme is a fun way to eat, drink, and learn how to cook. This will give everyone an opportunity to learn how to make a delicious new meal.  It is a relaxed yet fun way to celebrate upcoming nuptials with friends. While this can be a lot of fun for a party consisting of only one gender, it can be a great romantic treat for the bride and groom, who can learn about great dishes they can cook together.   AFA has partnered up with The Stocked Pot Company to bring you a large variety of fresh and exciting cooking classes. You will experience hands-on classes and wine tasting with the notable cheffs.

bachelor party limousine service

Comedy Club

A comedy club may seem one step up from Chippendales, but it’s a recipe for hilarity — especially when the stand-ups know you’re there for a bachelorette party (married sex and mother-in-law jokes will fly!). Call the club in advance and reserve a front-row table. Tell them what you’re celebrating, and get ready to laugh the night away.

bachelor party limousine service

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are easy to set up yourself. Identify couple’s special spots: place where they met, where they first kissed, where he proposed, their favorite restaurant, their favorite spot or anything else you think would be fun to find. Print up a scavenger hunt list, divide the guests into teams and have everyone take pictures of what they find on their cellphones. The team who finds the most within a set time limit wins. You’re adults, but that doesn’t mean you have to act the parts! A scavenger hunt (complete with clues and a treasure map) will bring out the children in all of you, and prizes can be as grown-up as you like (bottles of champagne or gift certificates for a massage, for instance).

bachelor party limousine service

Painting Party

Create something unique that will always remind you of this special occasion. Let the bride choose the painting and enjoy step-by-step instruction with an experienced and enthusiastic local artists. You’ll leave with a one-of-a-kind creation and a newfound talent you’ll want to explore.  Please click here for more information on organizing a painting party.

bachelor party limousine service

Sport Themed Outing

If you want a less traditional party theme, then this unique bachelorette/bachelor party idea is perfect. Host the party at local sports arena and watch a professional game. Football, basketball, and hockey games are all provide lively entertainment, which makes them the perfect venue for a casual girls/guys night out. Get everyone even more involved by all wearing the team colors to show support for your favorite team. Finish up the night at a local sports bar.

bachelor party limousine service

Tarot Card Reading

It’s in the Stars (and the Cards): If the bride knows her Sun and Moon signs, plus her fiancé’s rising sign, we can predict with almost perfect accuracy that she’ll love a New Age party. Visit tarot card readers and an astrologers to do everyone’s chart. This idea can be a big hit — and not just with the starry-eyed bride. Who doesn’t want to know what the future holds?

bachelor party limousine service

Throw A Slumber Party

If the bride isn’t the type who enjoys excessive alcohol consumption and strippers, then kick it old school—like, fifth grade old school.  Rent a hotel room, grab some sleeping bags and enjoy a classic sleepover complete with pillow fights, pizza, popcorn, truth or dare, cheesy movies and, if you can find them, lame board games like Mystery Date and Mall Madness.  Of course, you can always add in a few adult touches like booze and classic bachelorette party games. Hosting a party at the hotel, you an enjoy a brunch in the morning and spend some time relaxing.

This is a great alternative to a week-end getaway.  By picking everybody up in a limo, you get a feel of an actual get away.

bachelor party limousine service

Go Vintage

Find out if your local theaters have any good classic movies playing as part of their midnight movies selection, and then dress to impress for that era. Eat a themed dinner at home, talk in time-appropriate lingo, and then go out to the movies. For example, if they’re playing Back to the Future, wear terrible 80s clothes, enjoy Pepsi and Pizza Hut, and be sure to say “heavy” a lot. On the other hand, if they’re playing the 1959 classic House on Haunted Hill, don your best late-50s ensemble, enjoy a potluck filled with casseroles, and call each other “baby” and “daddy-o.”

bachelor party limousine service

Raunchy Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

Host a bachelorette scavenger hunt to add a fun and competitive twist to your bash. The great thing about this game is that it can be as raunchy or as modest as suits the bride or groom—so your list of tasks can include anything from kissing a stranger and getting someone to give you their underwear to getting a stranger to buy you a drink and rubbing the name off of a tombstone. You also have the opportunity to document everything with pictures, both for task verification and for the memories.

bachelor party limousine service

Pole Dancing Class

Bond over this new and exciting trend. There are several well established studios that offer state of the art facilities.  Certified Instructors trained to teach you in a FUN but safe, non-judgmental environment. The lights are kept low so you can leave your inhibitions as the door.


Vegas Style

Let’s face it, marriage is a gamble. So why not hold the bachelorette party at a casino?  You don’t have to fly to Vegas to experience gambling. Harrah’s Cherokee casino and the Sun Cruz Casino offer you an option.  The great thing about gambling parties (other than the free drinks) is that some may walk away with enough money to pay for the bridesmaid dresses, a wedding present, or — even better — another girls’ night out! Just remember the odds are against you, so if betting is your thing, put down only what you can afford to lose.

bachelor party limousine service

Gentleman’s club

Is one of the oldest way to celebrate Bachelor’s party.  Choose a well established business that offers high end shows.

bachelor party limousine service

Male Revue Shows

Have become very popular since 1960s.  Do your research to find a good show.

Tips on throwing the successful Bachelorette and Bachelor party limousine service:

  1. Incorporate the Bride’s/Groom’s Interests, choose something that she/he would truly enjoy.
  2. Ask the bride-to-be for a bachelorette guest list. Make sure everyone you invite is someone she feels comfortable ‘letting loose’ with. You want her to be surrounded by people she wants there. If she hasn’t talked to her third cousin in 12 years, she probably doesn’t need to be there.
  3. Make an individual photo of the bride with each girl.  Let the photos capture the unique individual relationship.
  4. Consider hiring a professional photographer! There are so many fun moments that a camera phone simply can’t do justice. The weekend comes and goes so quickly so capture the moments before the weekend is over. 
  5. Gift a Keepsake for the Bride. Making customized bachelorette party shirts is a great way to add a personalized touch to your celebration.  There are so many great designs, funny sayings to include, and styles to choose from to match the theme of the party. Make a shirt for each guest to wear throughout the duration of the party. It also serves as an ideal party favor for everyone to keep at the end of the night. As an alternative to the traditional t-shirt, consider making tank-tops that the girls can wear with jeans or a skirt.
  6. Get the Groom involved.  Plan on having the groom do something special for the bride, like surprising her with flowers, champagne, or chocolate-dipped strawberries sent up with a personal note. It really will make the bride enjoy her bachelorette party much more, knowing that her hubby-to-be was thinking about her.

Need more ideas for a successful bachelor party limousine service?

  1. Meet at the central location (like a mall or a work place) so you would not waste time by picking everybody up. Better yet, surprise the bride by picking her up in a limo and whisking her away to a party.
  2. Start with a dinner or a luncheon, so everybody is well fed and in a good mood.  Especially, if you have a group of people who do not know each other, you want everybody to be relaxed and comfortable in each other’s company.
  3. Stock the limo with small ready made drinks that do not require pouring or mixing, such as small bottles of wine, wine coolers and beer.  Stay away from hard liquor, you are going for tipsy not roaring drunk.