A night of karaoke in NC

karaokecontentYou might wonder why people love to get onstage and grab the microphone instead of staying at home and enjoying their talent in private. Well….some want to experience the spot light and let the inner diva out, others want to show off their voice, for others it’s a way to heal the broken heart, and for some it is a way to profess their love.

The best part about Karaoke is that it offers a wide range of wonderful songs to choose from.  From Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon” to Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies”, you can find a song that speaks to your and opens your hears, and lungs.  Karaoke is also universal, you can enjoy it with you best friends, your kids and even your parents.

We admit that it’s very hard to muster up the courage to possibly be embarrassed in front of total strangers. And if you’ve never sung a note in your life, you might not see a lot of fun in trying it for the first time. But one thing is for sure – karaoke is definitely something you should experience at least once in your life. What do you have to lose anyways?

Just to help you along, here are some reasons why you should pick up the microphone and give karaoke a shot:

  1. Conquer your fears: Trust us when we say that you are not the only one who is terrified of going onstage.  Except for a few regulars who come every week, every other person is slightly scarred and perhaps even petrified.  But it’s not an “American Idol” audition so you are not going to be criticized by Simon Cowell on national television, instead you are going to get applauded and cheered by all your friends.
  2. It’s not really that scary.  Ok, standing on stage in front of total strangers, might seems a little frightening, but, once you get over that initial anxious stage, singing isn’t scary. As soon as you start signing, your adrenaline will take over and the song will be done before you know it. You might surprise yourself by singing another song later in the evening.
  3. Practice makes better: So what if your first few lines sounded like a cat stuck under the piano, most people have a shaky first performance anyways. But just like anything in life, karaoke is something that you can get better at with practice.
  4. You might get discovered: While it is rare, there have been cases where karaoke singers have been discovered on stage. In major urban cities, talent agents have been known to scope out karaoke bars for undiscovered talent.
  5. It’s a fun thing to do with friends: Even if you don’t want to sing, it’s still fun to listen to other versions of Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” or Tegan and Sara’s “Closer .  You’ve got drinks, good company, live entertainment and great music.

Treat yourself like a celebrity by arranging a limo to pick you up.   Better yet, tell all your friends to dress up as a celebrity and adopt their persona for the night, let AFA’s professional chauffeur take care of you by opening the doors and rolling the red carpet.  While you can relax like a celebrity in our luxury limousine, you won’t get a DUI, so drink and have fun knowing that AFA will get you home safe.

So how about it, are you ready to try karaoke now? Here is the list of restaurants & bars that offer karaoke.

Triad Karaoke Restaurants & Bars

2116 Walker Ave
Greensboro, NC
Phone: (336) 275-2694
Tuesday night 9pm

4618 W Market St
Greensboro, NC
Phone: (336) 499-1699
Tuesday 10pm-2am

5605 W Friendly Ave
Greensboro, NC
Phone: (336) 852-8777
Wednesday night 10pm-2am

5710 High Point Rd
Greensboro, NC
Phone: (336) 292-6496
Friday & Saturday night 9:30pm-2am

Ham’s at Lakeside
699 E Cone Blvd
Greensboro, NC 27405
Phone: (336) 375-5005
Saturday 9-12 midnight

Triangle Karaoke Restaurants & Bars

Fat Daddy’s
6201 Glenwood Ave
Raleigh, NC
Phone: (919) 787-3773
Sunday night 9:30pm-1am

Family Karaoke at Havana Grill
404 West Chatham St
Cary, NC
Phone: (919) 460-8662
Fridays from 7:00-10:30 PM

Here is Katy Perry’s “California girls” to get you started


Written by “AFA Social Planner”

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