Experienced limo service

experienced limo service

Looking for an experienced limo service?  AFA Limo offers 19 years of service! Over the years, we have provided transportation for approximately 150,000 people.  In 2015 alone, our representatives booked 1,553 reservations. Taking into consideration each vehicle’s capacity, that’s an estimated 19,102 passengers.

Wedding limo service is our most popular transportation services. AFA has been a part of many unique and traditional wedding celebrations that took place in a variety of locations. From downtown hotels & restaurants, to secluded inns and barns, wedding venues and scenic gardens, we have transported bridal parties all over Central North Carolina.  We worked with a variety of itineraries and can accommodate any specific needs.  To learn more about wedding transportation and discover the benefits of hiring a professional transportation company, please click here.

The best part about birthday limousine service is that we are your designated driver: we will make sure everybody gets home safe!  As a result, no DUI’s or wrecks! Don’t worry about following each other in the car and looking for a parking spot five blocks away from the club!  You will not get lost in the middle of the night on your way home.   The party starts the second you get into our state of the art limousines.  You will feel like a VIP when your limousine will pull in front of the club and your chauffeur will open the door for you.  Here is a fun video about birthday limousine service

We are the experienced limo service you want to call for your next event!

AFA is here to help you make your event memorable by providing safe and memorable transportation.


5 comments on “Experienced limo service

  • great post, thank you for sharing with us about yours luxury chauffeured limousine services.

  • jenny says:

    I loved the white long limos. It brings such a good memories from my best friend’s wedding. We had a great time. Limo they rented was very luxurious and limo driver was a pro, he did great job getting us around the city. We all had a great time riding in a big white limo.

  • I love the idea of VIP service, everyone wants to be a VIP. I am looking forward to try you guys out soon.

  • I would like to try out the birthday limo service. The birthday limo service looks so much fun.


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