Prom promise: no underage drinking during your limo service

prom promise


What is a prom promise? It’s a simple agreement between teenagers going to the prom and their parents or school. It states: “I commit to an alcohol – and drug-free prom night because I care about my fellow students, my community and myself.”



AFA upholds the prom promise by establishing and upholding policy that prohibits underage drinking during the prom limo service. If we catch our underage passengers drinking, we confiscate the alcohol and notify the parents immediately. Depending on the situation, we reserve a right to terminate the prom limousine service. For this reason, we cordially ask you that talk to other parents and teenagers who will be going together and advise of the policy and consequences of breaking it.

Aside from the obvious legal reasons, we do not allow the underage drinking as it jeopardizes the safety of our passengers. Grown men and women, under the influence of the alcohol, have gotten into fights, broke glasses and bar, and became physically and verbally abusive to others. Even one intoxicated teenager can jeopardizes the safety of all passengers in the vehicle is he/she starts behaving irrationally and becomes abusive.

Over the years we have dealt with different kinds of parents. Parents who value their kids safety and do not allow or encourage underage drinking, and, sadly, parents who do. Parents and school official should talk to the kids about “Prom Promise”

Please do  not give your kids alcohol!

It is not our place or intent to judge what you do in your own home behind closed doors, but please do not provide your kids with any kind of alcohol on their prom night. If you are of the liberal mind and disagree with current laws, then by all means provide teenagers with a lighter alcohol such as beer in the safety of their own home, feed them well and keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t get into trouble. But please do not send your kids out with any kind of alcohol.

Let’s work together to make sure the prom night is memorable for only good reasons.

To learn more about Prom Promise, please follow this link.

5 comments on “Prom promise: no underage drinking during your limo service

  • Yes I agree, underage drinking is prohibited and one should avoid doing so during their big night(prom night). Prom night doesn’t always means getting drunk.

    Since student already engaged a limousine service, they should utilize the limousine by taking photos with it or try going to different destination after the prom night and take memorable photos and keep them as a great memories! Once in a life time unforgettable experience 🙂

  • Jass says:

    upholding to the values of a limo service company, it is very necessary that a company self follows it own guidelines first, as sometime kids pay extra wads of cash to drivers to get their own drinks and other stuffs to bring in the vehicle, afterwards they create a ruckus out of the situation. These things appear several times not only for the underage kids but elders too who bring illegal stuff with them in the vehicle who then become rowdy and aggressive, creating disturbances to the driver comprising with safety aspects. So it is very necessary to stop these illegality at first by the company as trust needs to be developed between them and customers as how reliable a company can be.

  • This is understanding because there are actually real liabilities when dealing with minors drinking alcohol in a company vehicle.

  • Excellent post. I was searching for the same information from last few days. Keep posting and keep sharing.


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