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Every business is advised to establish and maintain Social Media presence. While we are not suffering from the lack of ideas an information that we can share on our personal Social media accounts, business account is a whole other issue. The information must be: interesting and fresh, unique and engaging, something that applies to your industry, and most of all professional. To top it off there are so many Social Media sites and each and every one of them is different.

It took us some time to figure out what kind of boards to create and what to post on Pinterest. What can we put on the board besides the photos of our vehicles that customers might like to see? So is the list of boards that we have created so far (to see the AFA Pinterest page please follow the link):

AFA Boards

  • AFA blog: a collection of articles that covers different aspects of limousine service
  • AFA Fleet Photos: we constantly upgrade our fleet, so stay tune for photos of new vehicles
  • AFA Fleet Videos: videos offer a virtual tour of the vehicle
  • AFA Team: a collection of photos featuring AFA Team members
  • AFA Wedding photos: we are always happy to see photos of our actual brides
  • Celebrities & limos: celebrities always hire a limousine or a chauffeur vehicle when attending a high profile event
  • Crazy Vehicles: there are a lot of creative people out there with lots of free time, some vehicles are unbelievable
  • Customer testimonials: sometimes we receive emails or notes from customers telling us how much they have enjoyed our service
  • Dreamy vehicles: with hefty price tags we can only dream about these vehicles
  • Facebook images: cool posts get buried under the news feed, so this board keeps all out favorite Facebook images safe.
  • Fun stuff: needs no explanations
  • Limo cartoons: just plain fun
  • Limousine Cakes: we must consider ever single item that is limousine themed!
  • Limousines in Movies: our favorite board
  • Limousines through the years: the vehicle design has changed so much over the years
  • NC Wineries and Vineyards: it is hard to keep up with NC wineries
  • Not a typical limousine: it is still a limousine
  • Painting Party: Wine & Design Greensboro: photos from the painting party that we have attended
  • Presidential Limousines (International): the ultimate class
  • Presidential Limousines (USA): the ultimate class on a grander scale
Wedding Related Boards
  • Trash the Wedding Dress: a photographer takes photos while you are destroying your wedding dress
  • Triad Wedding Venues: if you are looking for a wedding venue, this board is for you
  • Triangle Wedding Venues: if you are looking for a wedding venue, this board is for you
  • Unique Wedding Themes: sometimes bride & groom want to have fun while getting married
  • Wedding Anniversary Ideas: here are some ideas of what to give your loved one on your anniversary
  • Wedding Collection: all wedding related items that have nothing to do with the limousines, but still are awesome
  • Wedding in a pickup truck: pickup truck are all the rage for a country themed wedding
  • Wedding Transportation: there are many ways to transport a bridal party as evident from these photos from around the world

If you have ideas for additional boards, please let us know. We would love to hear from you!

One comment on “AFA Limo Service boards Pinterest

  • Pinterest is such a great website! Glad to see you guys have some photos up to help inspire people’s weddings and other fun things to do when renting out a limo – perhaps not to recreate some of the stunts in those movies, though!


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