AFA sponsors 2013 summertime brews festival


This year, AFA participated in the 9th Annual Summertime Brews Festival that was held at the Greensboro Coliseum on Sat July 13th. 

More than 300 local, national and even international breweries presented their beer during the Summertime Brews Festival.  The crowd was a diverse but well behaved group, all brought together by a common interest and love of the suds. The added attraction of good music and the chance to sample some of the more exotic brands assured us all of a very good time.

The music started at 2:30PM with Evan & Dana, followed by Stratocruiser and Chasing Daylight closed the show at 7:30 pm. Even the attendees catching a cigarette would rush back in upon hearing a favorite song.  Of course, there would be a noticeable and good natured crowd roar, when someone would happen to drop their tasting glass.

We were as excited to meet many of our past and future customers as those customers were excited to see and experience our unique vehicles. The Hummer limousine is always a hit and I can tell you from personal experience that it attracts a lot of attention even on the road, much less to be corralled in the exhibition hall and available for close inspection. The Chrysler 300 limo was also in attendance and was quite a hit as well. Many of the visitors to our, well, it is hard to say, “booth” given that it was the entire corner of the hall, but those that did come were treated to a virtual limo experience and many couldn’t resist taking their own photo with, or within our limousines.

Everybody loved our $45 show special assuring many more good times to come with wine and brewery tours.  Several took advantage of the special and booked during the show to receive one free hour of limousine service.   The winner of the Grand Prize Giveaway (3 hours of luxury limousine service) was announced on Tuesday via AFA Facebook page.

If you weren’t able to attend the 2013 Summertime Brews Festival, here are several links to give you an idea of what you have missed.

Written by “Your Personal Chauffeur”

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