Birthday ideas for HER!

birthday ideas for her
birthday ideas for her

We’ve put together a list of birthday ideas for HER; whether she is your girlfriends, fiancé or wife you’re face a challenging task so hope this helps.

Birthdays, unlike Valentine’s day and Mothers Day, tend to remind us that another year has passed.  Some of us look forward the birthday party while others try to ignore the day.  We always remember the best birthday presents and celebrations.  Coming up with something original is pretty hard. For Christmas, you can get a token sweater or scarf and for Valentine’s day flowers are customary.  It is very hard to choose birthday present, because you have to choose something special and unique just for your girlfriend/wife.

We get asked for birthday ideas her and recommendations all the time so we thought we’d put together a list of suggestions that you might find interesting.  You know your girlfriend/wife unlike anybody else, so choose something that will make her feel special.

  • Spa/massage. If she has been very stressed out lately due to work or just life problems, treat her to a spa treatment. Depending on a budget you may choose: simple manicure/pedicure package or more elaborate custom treatment that includes massage and facial. The package itself is not important, get her to relax and forget about the problems of the world for just a moment.
    • Choose the package and take care of the payment ahead of time, so she would not have to worry about money.
    • Do your research and choose carefully
      •  Grandover Resort & Spa (Greensboro) offers its guests full use of the spa facilities with a purchase of service.   So if you purchase one hour massage, your girlfriend/wife can also enjoy the pool and sauna, there is no limitation on time.  More information at
  • Boudoir photography session. This has become more and more popular over the last few years.  Depending on the photographer, photos are taken at your house or studio.  Poses and backdrops are based on the comfort level.
    • Give her something new and fancy to wear!  Nobody wants to be photographed in the old underwear. This can be a new night gown or a matching set (bra & underwear)
    • Make sure she is well rested the night before
      • Revolutionary Photo Studio (Carry) offers makeup and hair services prior to the session. More information at
  • Take her out to dinner to a swanky new restaurant that you have never been before.
    • Choose a restaurant that offers live music
    • Make a reservation at the restaurant that is hosting a special event like Italian cusine, or wine and food pairings
      • Bistro B (Kernersville) organizes special Wine Dinners where guests can sample unusual wines and food pairings.  More information at
  • Book a weekend at the cozy Bed & Breakfast

To make it more exciting and memorable:  hire a personal chauffeur so she would not have to drive herself.  AFA offers a variety of luxury sedans and limousines. We will provide a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates for her to enjoy.  Burn a CD with her favorite music or write little personal notes to be given to her throughout the evening. You can write why you love her or what you like most about her.   After the completion of each step, the chauffeur can give her a note from you.

Your girlfriend/wife will never forget her birthday.

2 comments on “Birthday ideas for HER!

  • Friendly Ride Inc. says:

    A personalized CD for the special ride is such a sweet idea!

    These are some great birthday gift ideas.

    • Thank you! Music sets a perfect mood. My personal favorite is “Amore” by Andrea Bocelli.


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