Do we build our own limousines?

We are often asked if we build our own limousines or purchase them. The answer is “no, we do not build”, we purchase from reputable companies that specialize in the manufacturing of limousines. The process of building limousines is a complicated one that requires the knowledge of engineers, electricians and mechanics. Considering that limousines carry a large load of people, many standard parts have to be replaced with commercial strength components.

To learn more about how limousines are made, please follow this link

To learn more about US limousine manufacturers please follow this link

Several local NC limousine rental companies build their own party buses by stripping old school/church buses. There are several major concerns with such projects:

  • The buses that are converted have been in service for a very long time prior to conversion, so the structure of the base is weakened.

building party bus2

  • Electrical work requires certified electrician to wire hundreds of feet of neon lighting. If done improperly it creates a fire hazard.


  • The self-upholstered seating cannot withstand the wear and tear and deteriorates rapidly.

building party bus

The safety of the vehicle is our number one concern considering limousines carry large number of passengers. We upgrade our fleet very often to ensure our vehicles are in good shape cosmetically and mechanically.

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