Concert Limousine Service

concert limousine service

When going to an event such as concert or sporting game, it is a great idea to arrange a limousine service. You can relax with your friends and family in the back while the driver hustles thru traffic and negotiates to a drop of zone allowing you to walk straight in. After the concert/game, you don’t have to find your parking spot while dodging the ongoing traffic, but rather wait outside for the limousine to pull up and take you home. Stress free and safe!

During big events, venues (such as Coliseum or Sporting complex) hire additional parking lot staff or request additional police presence to control the increased flow of vehicles. The main goal being: to expedite the traffic flow in the most efficient and safe manner. There are few major factors that affect the day of the event:

  • Can the venue handle the traffic and does it have adequate parking space? For example, if the venue sells 3,000 tickets, it should have 3000 seats and, at least 2000 parking spots.
  • Is the location ergonomically designed allowing for the optimal traffic flow? Simple layout with clearly marked signs.
  • Is the staff communicating clearly with each other and with the guests? Is one attendant telling you to go right, but, as soon as you turn right, another attendant yells at you to turn around and go back.
    • Majority of the extra staff have very little knowledge or understanding of the science behind traffic control
    • Hired police approaches the event with the same attitude as an accident. “Shut up and keep moving”
  • Is the venue properly managing different types of motorists? In general there are three categories:
    • Handicap: assigned parking directly in front of the building.
    • VIP (limousine service or purchased option): are allowed for drop off in front of the building and specially marked parking area.
    • General admission: directed to park in the assigned parking lot with not front drop off.

When all these factors work together, concert goers can get in and out of the venue in a reasonable time without getting too frazzled by traffic stress. When these factors work against each other, the result is a major night mare that affects everybody from ticket holders, to limousine companies who were hired to provide the service.

Limousine drivers, like other motorists, must follow the traffic controller’s directions; they cannot go over or around the traffic. Regardless of what has been promised by the box office or prearranged by the customer, if directed the driver must follow the instructions. Some venues have a designated parking area for the limousine and other “for hire” companies. When entering the venue, limousine drivers are directed to the designated area where they can drop off the customers and wait to pick them back up.   Limousines are up to three times longer than an average vehicle, so they require larger parking space. Other venues have very limited parking space and demand limousine drivers to leave the premises and go to look for parking somewhere.

Please be understanding that our chauffeurs are doing their best to get you to the venue as quickly and safely as possible. Getting frustrated with chauffeurs is counterproductive and will not help you get to your destination faster.

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