Kids birthday ideas


kids birthday ideas

One of the most unusual kids birthday ideas – a limousine birthday ride!

It seems like kids live in anticipation of Christmas and birthday, the only two holidays that promise a great number of presents and a variety of fun celebrations.

Depending on the time of the year, organizing the birthday party might create a challenge.  In winter months, the weather is unpredictable so you cannot organize an outdoor party.  Instead of hosting a birthday party in their house, the majority of parents prefer to host kid’s birthday parties at an indoor facility that specializes in specific events and, most importantly, take care of all the set up and clean up.  So all you have to do is bring the cake and snacks.

Every year, anticipation builds up and expectations rise as kids want to have the best birthday party ever.  Some ask for the same as their friends, but others want something new and original.  Here is an idea: rent a limousine for your child’s birthday party and send them on their fun way.

  • Pick up:
    • During the week: arrange for a limo to pick up kids right after school.  This way you don’t have to worry about other parents schedules
    • On a weekend: choose a location that is central to everybody, like a school parking lot or local park.
  • Ride around. We recommend no more than 15 min at a time; this way kids get to enjoy the limousine ride but don’t get restless
  • Food:
    • Pizza buffet offers a wide variety of food and it is quick! Kids can eat as much as they want, and you know how much it would cost.
    • Frozen yogurt shop is another great alternative.
  • Entertainment:
    • Girls might enjoy a manicure, jewelry making or painting class
    • Boys might enjoy more rigorous physical activities
    • Lazer Tag and trampoline are very popular with kids and teenagers
  • Drop off:
    • During the week: plan to bring kids can be back at around 5:30 pm so parents can pick them up
    • On the weekend: there are not time limitations

Tip: It is cheaper during the week

We offer complementary balloons and birthday present for the birthday boy/girl.  You are welcome to bring your child’s favorite CD or DVD to keep them entertained.

We can guarantee that the next day, everybody will be talking about your child’s birthday party!


Triad Area

Airbound Trampoline Park

4215 High Point Rd, Greensboro, NC 27407

(336) 907-8682


Lazer X

3356 S Church St, #A, Burlington, NC 27215

(336) 586-7007


Triangle Area

Defy Gravity Trampoline Arena

4300 Emperor Blvd, #250, Durham, NC 27703

(919) 825-1010


Frankie’s Fun Park

11190 Fun Park Dr, Raleigh, NC 27617

(919) 433-7888

4 comments on “Kids birthday ideas

  • Nara Strickland says:

    Trying to plan a fun day for a kids sweet 16. She’d love to have an outing and maybe dinner along with the party bus. Her birthday is February 17th.

  • Janicia says:

    Intresting for my daughter birthday 12/13. But need quotes

    • Janicia, we offer a large variety of vehicles. Please call our offices at 336-263-3458 or 919-538-5151 for pricing and availability.

  • Wow, I really loved your idea of arranging a limo to pick the kids right after school! My little girl is turning 8 soon, and I am thinking of ideas to throw her a surprise birthday party. I will have to contact a rental service in the area to help me make her day feel as special as she deserves it to be.


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