Murphy’s law and the limousine service

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Limosine rental and when things don’t go as planned.

We all had one of those days when no matter what you do, you just fall behind
  • You wake up on time, get dressed and have breakfast. But when you are just about to head out to work, you drop the milk carton and milk goes everywhere. You cannot leave it until evening, so you start cleaning up.
  • Finally on the way to work, you get stuck behind a very slow driver or pick up every single red light.
  • Something happens to your car: tires blow, rock bounces off the truck in front of you and hits your windshield, etc.
  • You finally make it to work, you are only few minutes late, but there are no parking spots close by so you have to park all the way back. You park and rush in. And just when you think you are finally at work, you run into your boss who is standing by your desk waiting for you and looking at his/her watch.

It happens to all of us; there is no denying it. We cannot be in control of everything around us. Sometimes, no matter how careful or prepared you are, things will go wrong. And even though it is few minutes here and there, they come together into an ever growing snowball of “late.” In 99.9% of the time, you can take a 5 min breather to relax and de-stress.  Once you get to work or wherever you need to be.  Then, the remaining of the day will go as planned and everything will be ok. In rare instances, things take a turn to the worse: your boss starts yelling at you for being late and snowballs becomes an avalanche.

Our chauffeurs are regular people just like you. They have to be at out office at a certain time to pick up the limousine to be on their way. But sometimes things happen to them just like they happen to you. It does not mean they are terrible chauffeurs or that we are an unprofessional company. Just be understanding! It is our goal to provide the best limousine service and to make your experience the most memorable one!

One comment on “Murphy’s law and the limousine service

  • Very important thoughts here! It’s definitely something people need to remember when their limo is a little bit late – their chauffer is a person just as liable for getting caught in traffic as they are. Thanks for sharing!


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