Limousine payment: deposit and balance due



Booking limousine rental is just like purchasing any other transportations service. When booking airline ticket, you know you have to pay the full ticket price using your debit or credit card (not the check or cash). Same principle works when purchasing bus and train tickets. So it should be no surprise that limousine service companies require a full limousine payment at the time of the booking. Once booked, the company will send you a reservation confirmation that serves as your contract.

Just like airlines and bus companies try to sell all the tickets, limousine companies try to rent out all the vehicles in the fleet. Once we make a reservation with a customer for a particular vehicle for a specific time frame, that vehicle is reserved and not available for rental; we turn other customers away. We might recommend to a customer another limousine to consider for rental.

At AFA Limo all vehicles are named Formal 1 thru Formal 20, so when we are talking to the customer we refer to the vehicles by their name. Sometimes, customers are very particular and want to reserve a specific vehicle; in this case the reservation confirmation will specify that vehicle. In other instances, the customer just requires a limousine and has no particular preference; in this case the reservation confirmation will specify vehicle type (limo, limo SUV, shuttle bus, limo bus, sedan, etc.) and the capacity.

Vacations are generally planned in advances and customers tend to seriously consider all the expenses before booking. Cancellations are rare and, unless you purchased travel insurance, you lose your money.

At AFA Limo we care about our customers and we reflect that in our policies:

  • We require only 50% deposit at the time of the booking. The remaining 50% may be paid with the credit card (please call our office two days prior to advise us) or cash on the day of the service. Some customers choose to pay the full amount at the time of the booking, and we are more than happy to accommodate that.
  • We understand that sometimes we have to deal with unforeseen events. In an event you do need to cancel (hospitalization, death in the famiy, etc.) we will issue a credit certificate valid for 12 months to be used on any AFA Limo service.

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