Trends in the limousine rental industry

Just like furniture and apparel industries, limousine rental industry experiences changing trends. Some trends might last decades and some only few years. Here are some examples:

  • Vehicle manufacturer:
    • Lincoln Town Car was most popular vehicle make in 80 and 90; now it is considered a classic.

    limousine rental

    • Starting in 2000s Hummer became the most requested vehicle make hummer limousine rental
    • Followed closely by Cadillac


  • Body type: Stretch limousines gave way to SUV limousines that, in turn, gave way to party buses.
  • Color: Black and white are considered the standard colors for limousines since they can be used for formal and informal events.
    • Five years ago, pink was the hot color that was very frequently requested.

    pink limousine rental

    • Camouflage painted limousines were popular in some geographic areas

Camo limousine rental

  • Interior design:
    • Design have gone a long way from plain black row seating

    limousine rental

    • to color contracting floating design. Featuring Formal 19 – Dodge Magnum Limousine.

limousine rental dodge magnum

  • Interior lighting: thanks to new technological advances, hundreds of feet of neon lighting curve their way thru the interior of the limousine creating a unique ambiance. Featuring Formal 6 – Cadillac Escalade SUV Limousine

Cadillac limousine rental

  • Newest trend: Disco floor!! Featuring newly acquired Formal 8 – Range Rover SUV limousine

unique limousine rental

  • Newest trend: butterfly doors.

exotic limousine rental

We try to keep up with the latest trends and news, by attending various industry shows.

So next time you are looking to book a limousine, choose the most unique vehicle that “speaks to you”.

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