Sunroof and limousine safety tips

Limousines are prominently featured in movies and vidoes.

Who can forget the classic scene from “Pretty Woman” when Richard Gere pulls up in limo.

limousine service

or the “Naked” video featuring Dev and Enrique Iglesias


Although it seems like lots of fun to stand and wave to all the passerby’s while the limo is driving, it is completely unsafe. The limousine after all is a moving vehicle and, if the driver has to make an immediate stop, the customer could be seriously hurt. It became such an industry concern that new generation limousines are manufactured without the sunroofs.

Other limousine safety tips are:

  • Do not hang from the window whether the limousine is stationary or is moving
  • Do no jump up and down while inside the vehicle, it puts extra stress on the suspension.  If suspension breaks, you will not be able to use the vehicle any more and would have to wait for a replacement (if available) which would result in waste of your time
  • It is strongly advised to sit while vehicle is in motion, do not move about and changed sits while vehicle is in motions.  Please consider the bar is made of glass paneling and is stocked with dozen or more glass containers.  During the routine turn, you will be thrown against the glass and may be serious injured.

16 comments on “Sunroof and limousine safety tips

  • Avenall Patry says:

    Thanks for letting us know limousine safety tips and the considerations to be taken while riding in a limo. Nice share!

  • The movies really do make riding in a limousine seem fun and danger-free. However, people seem to forget that it’s still a moving vehicle, and that accidents can still happen. I’m glad you mentioned the glass paneling. Last time I rode in a limo I was surprised at how much glass there was, and could only imagine someone being thrown into that!

  • Just because you ride in a limo does not mean that you’re a super hero or a celebrity, you’re still a regular person. Being a regular person, chances of injury are really high if you don’t follow safety guidelines in the limo. I’m glad they said stay sitting while its stationary, many times the driver can’t see the people in the back, so he has no idea if you’re sitting or standing, so he could stop not knowing you were standing and you could get injured.

  • I’ve always wanted to hang from the window of a limo but now that you’ve warned against it I can see why that is bad. This is probably not just a good safety tip to remember for limos but any vehicle. We are going to be calling the limo rentals this week for my sisters wedding but I’m worried people are going to get hurt in it. I’ll make sure everyone that plans to ride in this vehicle reads these safety tips!

  • Ron says:

    Really appreciate the safety tips, will have to keep these in mind next time I go out

  • Dave says:

    We don’t like having sunroofs in our limos simply for the liability issues that come along. There’s always some chick who has had too much to drink and wants to stand up out the sunroof and show her tah tah’s to the world…lol

  • Art says:

    I agree with Rachel… Every time I see a movies with a limo in it, it’s either a huge party in Vegas or Bachelor/Bachelorette party type movie. People go nuts in ’em! Sticking outside the windows and sunroofs.. I really feel like movies encourage people to act all crazy while riding in limousines and forget that there are still laws out there!

  • It is probably a good thing to review the safety tips and rules so that when you are in the limo, you don’t get hurt. I know you have to sign a waiver so that you can’t sue if you have some kind of accident while in the limo. It would also be helpful to be ready for anything.

  • Steve says:

    I agree with the other comments. The characters in movies can do many things that are not safe to do in real life. I recently had a rock or something kick up by a truck in front of me. It took a large chunk out of my windshield. Imagine what that would have done to a person hanging out of a sunroof or window. These things don’t happen often but they do happen. When they do happen the results are usually fairly drastic. Play it safe and stay in your seat while the vehicle is moving.

  • It’s good to be aware of how to stay safe in any environment, even limousines. I want to rent a limousine for my wedding and I definitely do not want to be thrown against the glass bar. I’ll be sure to stay seated. Thanks for the tips!

  • I didn’t know that the prevalence of standing in the sunroof caused manufacturers to stop making the limos with them. I always see people in movies and tv shows doing it so I figured it had come to be expected. I never thought about how dangerous it could be!

  • All of these suggestions seem like common sense to me! I would have never imagined that people were jumping up and down or hanging out of windows. If I ever hire a limo I certainly won’t be doing anything to hurt it or myself!

  • thank you for posting this article as I think not many people who rent out limos or party buses know how dangerous it can be to go outside the sunroof. Do you know of any companies limo rental companies that provide limo or party buses with no sunroofs?

  • I want to get a rental for a party. I didn’t realize that there were safety things to consider! I’ll make sure everyone knows to not stick any limbs out of windows.

  • My brother is going to prom soon and he is thinking about renting a limousine to take him and his friends. I liked that you pointed out that you shouldn’t stand up throw the sunroof no matter if the limo is moving or not. That will be something I will need to make sure that my brother understands that.


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