Limousines in movies

So far we have created 28 boards on Pinterest, but “Limousines in movies” is my all-time favorite.
  • It is fun to see how the limousines changed over the years. In “Pretty Woman” Lincoln Town car limo looks pretty fantastic. But we cannot rent it now because it is so old. The square design is classic but rather date.

limousines in movies

  • Just like Sarah Jessica Parker rents a limo for her wedding day in “Sex and the City”, our brides enjoy the comfort and peace of the limousine transportation. It gives them an opportunity to share a moment with their parents and of course gives plenty of space to lay out the dress.
  • Getaway package is one of the most popular wedding packages that we offer; when “Ted” main characters get married they walk from the church into the parked limousine to be whisked away.

limousines in movies

  • One of our limousines actually appeared in a movie that was filled in Winston Salem. Last time I checked the movie was still in production so no trailer to share L
  • During the trip, many customers enjoy chatting with their drivers.  Main character in “She’s the One” asks his chauffeur many questions regarding life and love.
  • I like watching how other chauffeurs take care of their clients (even though they are actors). Of course we know they are hired actors, but it is fun catching them making mistakes.
  • We still cannot figure out how big is the sunroof in “Hudson Hawk”, it seems to stretch across half the limousine.

limousines in movies

  • I cringe each time limousine drive creates an accident. For example, when Sandra Bullock drives the limo into the house in “28 Days”

limousines in movies

  • Limousine are difficult to drive under regular conditions, can only imagine the driving skills main character of “2012” possessed to keep the vehicle moving with all the earthquakes.

limousines in movies

  • And yes, limousines occasionally break down just like in “The Bachelor”.

So next time you are watching a movie and limousine appears in a scene, let us know!

3 comments on “Limousines in movies

  • Raman says:

    Great! you are providing limousine for movies too.. that means doing well in business.

  • Paige says:

    It was fun to read this post and see the transformation of limos and the uses for them in movies. Pretty neat that one of yours was used in a film!

  • Jason says:

    Wow! It must have been awesome to have your limo featured in a movie! Congrats!


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