AFA limousine service rules and procedures

limousine service rules


When it comes to rules in general, some make sense and some don’t make sense immediately, but we know that there is a reason behind it. For example, when you are travelling on a train and you are asked to keep your hands inside at all times. Gruesome to think of how many people were injured while traveling on a train before the rule was officially established. When it comes to rules, what is common sense to some is complete and ground breaking news to others.

So the next time we refer to AFA company’s policies, please remember the following:

  1. We require a 50% deposit. Although majority of us are responsible adults, some would not think twice about booking the limousine service and then cancelling it at the last moment. When we make a reservation, we reserve the limousine for that customer and turn other customers away. By requiring a 50% deposit we are ensuring that the customer indeed wants the limousines service and has the means to pay for it.
  2. We require the credit card to be signed before the service begins. Every time you make a purchase with a credit card you are required to sign a receipt. It is a preventative measure for both customer and the business to ensure that the correct amount is charged and the service is paid for. Limousine service is no different from any other service you receive.
  3. Any outstanding balance is due before the service can begin. IF you elected to pay a 50% deposit with your credit card and the remaining 50% with cash on the day of the service, the payment is due before the service can begin. Consider, could you ask the airline to pay 50% of your ticket at the time of the purchase and 50% when you finished your journey? Probably not. Nor would you do the same for the train or bus ticket. Limousine service is not different.
  4. If you go over your rental time, the payment is due in cash. Let’s say you are out with your friends having fun and, although you the booked limo until 2 a.m. and it is time to leave, but you would like to stay longer at the night club. That’s totally alright with us, because we want you to have good time and enjoy yourself. But please be prepared to pay in cash, because drivers cannot process credit cards while on the trip.

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