Prom limo service: how to pay for it

prom limo service

With prom dates announced, the preparations for the big night begin.  Two of the most important questions are what to wear and who to go with. Next, should we book a prom limo service?

It is almost every teenager’s dream to go to the prom in a limousine. However, the bills for the prom ticket, dress/tuxedo, shoes, hair & makeup, etc start adding up.  Limousine rental might not be an option. Every year, we get calls from worried parents asking to cancel the limousine reservation.  Several teenagers, who previously verbally committed to share the limousine rental expenses, decided to cancel when payment was due, thus leaving the booking party with the whole bill.

Here are few recommendations on how to handle the limousine rental for your teenager’s prom night:

  1. Once your teenager gives you a number of friends who wish to go in a limousine together, email their parents to make sure that parents are aware and will be willing to help pay for the rental. You would want to avoid any miscommunication between the parents and the teenagers.
  2. Once you know the number of the teenagers, call around for a quote. The vehicle capacity and make dictates the rental fee of the vehicle. For example, 10 passenger limousine will be much less than the 20 passengers. Enquire about rates for the smaller vehicle as well, because not everybody who initially expressed an interest, will be following thru. You don’t need a 20 passenger vehicle for 14 passengers.
  3. Email all parents and students with the rates. Some might be unable to pay for the limousine, so the number of the interested parties might go down. Email confirmation from another parent is a much more reliable confirmation of the future payment, rather than a verbal “yeah” from a teenager.
  4. To make a reservation a grown up must call with a credit card. AFA limo require a 50% deposit at the time of the booking to reserve a vehicle. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to the event.
  5. Once reservation is made over the phone, you will receive a contract via email. Feel free to forward to all parties so everybody is aware of the final costs and everybody’s share of the expense.
  6. Start collection the payments from other students as soon as reservation is made (or prior) and don’t wait until the last moment. PayPal ( is a great alternative to checks and cash, as it allows you to accept all kinds of payments (credit and debit cards, bank transfers) confidentially.

Please feel free to call us at 888-753-6653 if you have any question about the prom limo or if you are ready to book!

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