Prom limo service: survival tips

prom limo service

Here are few tips on how to make the most of your prom limo service:

  1. Talk to your friends early. The demand for transportation during the spring season can be overwhelming when so many others are renting limousines for proms, weddings, and etc. Find out how many friends are interested in renting a limo, so that you can book your reservations and get the vehicle you want.
  2. Designate one coordinator to handle all the communications and arrangements.
  3. Collect the money from all your friends upfront and don’t wait till the day of the prom! Every year, we get calls from parents asking to cancel the limo service because some of their child’s friends cannot afford to pay their share and decided to cancel, thus leaving the parents responsible for the whole amount.
  4. Select one central location for everybody to meet, don’t waste your limousine rental time by scheduling many pick ups. Chances are somebody will not be ready and you will have to wait.
  5. Advise everybody to be at the pick up location 30 min prior to limousine arrival. Everybody has that one friend who is always late.
  6. Upon the arrival, chauffeur will introduce himself and give you his business card. Make sure everybody has his number, so you can reach him at any given time. There will be many limousines at the prom that look alike, we want to make sure you get picked up by your chauffeur when you are ready. Every year we get calls: “we are ready to be picked up, tell my driver” … ” no I don’t know his name, we are in the black car”…
  7. Take lots of photos! Limousines make a great backdrop for your group photo! When choosing a location for photos keep in mind that some locations are very busy with vehicular and pedestrian traffic. It might be frustrating trying to meet up with your driver.
  8. Choose a restaurant that does not have a long wait or long serving time. It should not take 2-3 hours to eat a meal.
  9. Don’t order too much, it takes time and drives the bill up. Considering proms and after parties are catered, you will not go hungry. All “to go boxes” will be placed in the trunk and, chances are, will be forgotten about by the end of the night.
  10. Be respectful and courteous to your driver. It is his job to get you safely to and from the prom. If he asks you to turn the music down and/or stop moving about while the vehicle is in motion, please do so.

Have fun and be safe!

8 comments on “Prom limo service: survival tips

  • My daughter wants to have a limo for her prom but I was worried. I like how you mention having everyone meet up in one spot so that they can make the most out of the limo time. I’ll have to share this list with her so that she can coordinate with her friends.

  • Very informative post. I want to add more. Ask the transportation company for the Prom Promise. This is a document that teens sign agreeing not to drink or take drugs on prom night. Many limousine and chauffeured transportation companies offer this contract as a way to help parents address the importance of safety on prom night with their teens.


  • Levi says:

    Well written article and worth a ready for any group or family investing in limo hire for a prom night. Some of those photos in years to come will be the most cherished. More than anything agree with the central location pick up. It definitely makes things easy.

  • Andy says:

    Thanks !! Excellent tips suggested here. My friends wants to have a limo service for their prom. This would help us.

  • Thanks for the tip on having everyone meet at a central location for the limo pickup. This would give you a lot more time to actually enjoy the limo service together. When you rent a limo, you want to spend as much time as possible making the most of it!

  • My little brother has been thinking about renting a limo for prom. I liked that you pointed out that it would be smart for him to talk to his friends early on. Having a limo would help make transportation a lot easier for his friends and it seems like it would be fun.

  • Limousin can make prom night more beautiful, and thanks for sharing this post with us. wish you good luck for the future.


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