Prom limo service respect and courtesy

prom limo service

As we enter the prom season, we wanted to touch base

Every year AFA limousine provides prom limo service to estimated 2,000 students. Our professional chauffeurs treat teenagers with the same respect and cordiality as they would treat adults. Same safety rules apply to passengers of all ages: no jumping and moving about while the vehicle is in motion, no hanging from the windows while the vehicle is in motion, please wait for the chauffeur to open the door for you to make sure there is no moving vehicles close by, etc. Majority understand that these rules are in place to ensure safety.  While others might take offense at being asked to stop doing something (something they deemed fun or exciting).

One of the point of contention is the volume of music played. Speakers are located directly behind driver, so if speakers are turned up to the full volume, driver becomes deafened by the sounds. It’s unsafe because the driver cannot hear any other sounds including traffic: car horns, emergency vehicle’s sounds, calls of distress from passengers, etc.  Passengers are welcome to play the music and we encourage to bring your own audio library, but there must be a middle ground.

AFA chauffeurs are trained professionals, so please treat them with respect they deserve. You might not like his style or personality, but keep in mind that it’s not their job to a clown or a babysitter.

Please keep an open mind.  If your teenagers complain of the “poor” treatment, ask for details.  This is why we recommend you take chauffeurs card with the phone number, so in case a question arises, you can reach him, directly.

It is our goal to provide a memorable experience for prom goers, so please talk to your teenagers and ask them to be respectful to the chauffeur.

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