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haunted houses


It is October, Halloween is around the corner!  Time to pick apples, carve a pumpkin, and scare yourself silly!

North Carolina is home to many excellent haunted houses.  Although each one is unique in its set up, they all are designed to give the visitor an adrenaline rush.  The set design and carefully calibrated performance drive the visitor from one room to the next.  Haunted house designers tap into some basic fears and allow the audience members to fill in the rest by projecting their own fears.  Since everybody gets scarred differently, the sets are designed to allow the audience to scare themselves.  Much like any adrenaline-pumping experience, it’s about testing your own limits and pushing yourself to the edge.  The goal of the haunted house is to elicit real fear, so the creators research on real-life and imaginary situations.  Knowing we cannot get hurt, visitors are still anxious with anticipation and excitement.  All senses hyped visitors cannot stop from reacting to the professionally designed traps.

The best part about visiting a haunted house is that everybody experiences it differently.   After going through the haunted house, some visitors come out roaring with laughter, others sweating and panting, yet others like they’ve just been put through the ringer.

We’ve put together a list of Triad haunted houses, so get a group of friends together to visit them all.

We offer a variety of vehicles from 10 passenger limousines to 25 passenger shuttle buses.  Call us 336-639-9058 to schedule your scary tour!


Triad Haunted Houses

Kersey Valley Spookywoods

1615 Kersey Valley Rd

Archdale, NC 27263


Woods of Terror

5601 N Church St

Greensboro, NC 27455


Camp Fear in Hiddenite

6187 Poole Rd

Archdale, NC 27263


X-treme Fear

4220 Yanceyville Rd

Browns Summit, NC 27214


Trotterville Horror Haunted Attraction

6187 Poole Rd

Archdale, NC 27263


Nightmare on Scales St

207 S Scales St

Reidsville, NC 27320


Mountain of Terror Haunted Attraction

4527 Linda Ln

Asheboro, NC 27205


The Original Hollwood Horror Show

6333 Bass Mountain Rd

Snow Camp, NC 27349

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