Why do we ask for a wedding day contact

Wedding limousine service is one of the most requested serviced that we provide. From a simple “getaway” at the end of the reception to a two-day multiple trips event, we have a special vehicle to suit your needs.

For all the wedding limousine reservations, we ask that you provide us with a name of the wedding coordinator, a day of the wedding coordinator or a designated contact.  Somebody who is not a member of the bridal party and knows the general order of things.  This blog post is about why we need a contact who is not in the bridal party.  Bridal party members will be next to you during the ceremony, while taking photos and at the reception. You would not want the wedding officiant to be interrupted by a phone call from your caterer advising you that somebody blocked the rear door access.  Nor would you want the issue to remain unresolved.

No matter how much planning and coordination you put in into planning your wedding, and how many detailed itineraries you have put together, somethings will not go according to plan and vendors will have questions.  Its is crucial to have a designated individual who can help coordinate things behind the scenes on you special day.

Here are a few true situations that we have faced in the past:

  • Coordination. The Bride and groom were suppose to exit thru the front doors of the church, so it was arranged for the vehicle to wait at the bottom of the steps. Problem: the church was located on a busy street, parking in front of the church was illegal and would have blocked the ongoing traffic.  Upon arrival, driver could not park the vehicle, so the driver called the bridal party to advise that he was at the pick up location and would be temporarily parking in the church parking lot.  Since nobody answered, the driver went inside the church looking for the party who booked the limousine. Not seeing the vehicle outside, the bride and groom got very upset that vehicle did not show up.  It took some time to explain that the driver was indeed at the pick up location awaiting bridal party and would bring the vehicle to’ the front of the church as soon as the photographer finishes taking photos.

wedding limousine service

  • The reservation was for a getaway vehicle at the end of the reception.  Upon arrival, driver called the groom to advise of his arrival, set up the red carpet and champagne bucket waiting for the bride and groom to come out.  In a few minutes a groomsman approached advising that the bride and groom have already left and the vehicle is not longer needed. Driver called the groom who booked the limo, nobody picked up, so he left another message.  Driver locked up the vehicle and went inside looking for groom or any other member of the bridal party.  It took some time to locate the groom, who was not pleased at being interrupted and became agigated that somebody was trying to dismiss the getaway car. As it turns out, it was a prank by one of the groomsman and the vehicle was indeed needed as previously arranged.    weddign limousine service
  • Because of the weather, bridal party exit was changed to the back of the church, but nobody notified the limousine service company. While the driver was in front of the church trying to reach the groom, the whole bridal party was in the back of the church worried that their limo did not show up.

These relatively simple situations, caused some distress and worry to grooms and brides, these should not have happened have the bride and groom assigned a coordinator for the day of the wedding.

It is your wedding, let others worry about details

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  • Jass says:

    well this is a nice thought that the need of a same single coordinator appears to help the rental operator as the driver too gets the confidence that he is not being fooled around. These situation cause distress, especially to the bride as when things do not go in the right manner, she takes out her anger on the groom. It may look funny but it really is quite an embarrassment on the wedding day

  • Boston Car Service says:

    Nice post and also very informative… Thanks for sharing….

  • Great post. We have run into this problem many times. trying to contact the necessary people on a wedding day can be difficult.

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