Have you been on a wine tour lately?

Have you been on a wine tour lately?

Did you know that every year more and more wineries are opening up in NC?  While some vineyard still need time to build up the grounds and the grapevines need time to grow and mature.  There are some established vineyards that are breathtaking spectacular!  The only way to truly experience and sample, is to go on a limousine wine tour.

In this article we will share our favorite vineyard that you must visit on your next winery tour. We chose these wineries based on the number of award winning wines and on the beauty of the surrounding grounds.

The 10 most picturesque NC wineries are:

If you are ready to discover more, please follow this link www.ncwine.org/wineries to see the full list of NC wineries and vineyards. This site offers an interactive map that allows visitor to search for wineries based on the geographic location (Mountains, Piedmont, and Coastal regions).

We would love to take you on the next winery tour. Our rates have not changed; they are still $50 per person (based on a 10 pass min occupancy).  For your convenience we offer a shuttle bus service. Follow the link to see the full listing of our limousines

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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